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Our Lady of Lourdes National School, Inchicore, Dublin


12th Jun 2019

5th Class participated in Junior Achievement earlier in the year and as part of this programme we were very lucky to get the chance to do a coding workshop with a group from Microsoft Dreamspace. We used Makecode Arcade and all of us designed a game. We had to follow the steps and instructions carefully to ensure our block code worked well and our game was designed properly. At the end we got the chance to play each other’s games. Here is a selection of pictures of the games and codes that we created.

3rd Apr 2019


The 5th class was invited by Junior Achievement to ‘The Dock’.The Dock is a design-led multi-disciplinary research and development hub. Designers, engineers, developers, and experts in artificial intelligence, security, mixed reality and Internet of things all work here to investigate, imagine and bring new ideas to life. It is a really cool modern building and has a fantastic view of DublinHere we met Dr. Norah Patten. She is from County Mayo and is an aeronautical engineer. She studied this in Limerick. Her ambition since she was a child was to go to space. She showed us pictures and told us stories of when she was a child and how she was obsessed with all things to do with space. She is following her dream and aims to be Ireland’s first astronaut. She was one of 12 participants from around the world selected to take part in a unique scientist-astronaut training programme in Florida. We were also incredibly lucky to meet the deputy state pathologist, Dr. Linda Mulligan. She was very interesting also. She studied Histology in university and She visits crime scenes to try and figure how people have died by examining their body parts in great detail. She brought us in parts of a 200-year-old skeleton which was really freaky but cool too.

27th Mar 2019

 Strand: Energy   Strand Unit :Forces Investigating Ramps

Maths Strand: Measures, Number  Strand Unit: Data, Length

Using Maths in fair testing

Using maths in investigation of whether shoe size and height are linked. 3rd class pupils designed own test.

3rd class using charts to record findings#

25th Mar 2019

5th Class really enjoyed the maths puzzles that were set up in the library this week. The card games, tangrams and BeeBots were the highlights for the 5th class. Thank you and well done to the 6th class students who helped set up and run the puzzles for each class.

25th Mar 2019

Well done to all children in 3rd-6th class who participated in our school Maths Quiz on Friday afternoon. It was great to see the children working together from different classes to solve the problems.

15th Mar 2019

Science  Strand: Energy   Strand Unit :Forces Investigating Ramps

Maths Strand: Measures, Number  Strand Unit: Data, Length


3rd class using charts to record findings#


Using measure during an investigation


Using graphs to record and interpret results

15th Mar 2019

Third Class

Third class used technology to record each other and show their scientific understanding during an investigation on ramps.

11th Mar 2019

Strand: Living Things  Strand Unit: Plants and Animals

During Winter, it can be difficult for small birds to find food due to the cold weather. We decided for both of our classes in groups to make bird feeders to hang up around our school. At Assembly during Science Week, a few of the children presented our bird feeders to the other classes. Click the link below to see!

8th Mar 2019

Maths Strand: Measures    Maths Strand Unit: Length

Second Class have been exploring outer space and travelling in space for some time. We had a great interest in rockets and watching the rockets and watching the rockets take off. The class decided to build rockets. For some inspiration we watched videos of homemade rockets taking to the sky on Youtube. We all designed our own individual rockets. Then we decided to make rockets together in groups. We used foam, insulation, cardboard and duct tape. We cut the foam making sure each piece was the same size for a fair test. After we designed and made the rockets, we decided to predict how far our rockets would go. We tested our rockets and found that the wind had a big impact on how far they would travel. We waited a while for the wind to calm. Then we had lift off. Each member of the group had a chance to test the rocket to ensure a fair test. We measured the distance using metre sticks. We found that the result depended a lot on force. As predicted all rockets went further than one meter.

6th Mar 2019

Science Strand: Materials   Strand unit: Materials and Change   Maths Strand: Shape & Space     Maths Strand Unit: 3-D Shapes

As part of  STEM Mr. Dillon decided to incorporate working with clay into a construction project that used engineering and maths skills. This followed on from a Lego project they did earlier in the year. The aim was to see if the children could build a big building so it could support itself. They used air drying clay and a mixture of lollipop sticks and matchsticks.