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Our Lady of Lourdes National School, Inchicore, Dublin

Literacy week

15th Jan 2023

We are having our annual Literacy week this week and the focus is on Storytelling. Children will listen to stories in their classes and learn the important skill of Retelling.

Our infant and 1st classes will visit the library for story time and parents are invited in for a Shared Reading morning with their children on Tuesday.

Some classes are decorating their doors and are picking a book or story as a theme. 

Other classes are doing Readers Theatre or short dramas to tell stories, some of whom will perform at assembly or with their buddy class.

A selection of  children are being recorded telling a story. This could be a retelling of a story they know, a story about something that happened to them etc. 

There will be a "Book Tasting" in our school library on Thursday. There will be a wide variety of book genres on display. The children will have an opportunity to explore the different books, making notes as they go along. We hope that they will discover new authors or genre that will interest them and get them excited to read. 

So if you get a chance, share a story with our students, any type of story,one that you remember from your childhood, one that makes you laugh, or read one from a book. It doesn't matter the story or the language because you are passing them the art of story telling. Don't forget to ask them to tell you a story 😊