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News - Student Council

24th Sep 2023
We are incredibly lucky to have such a supportive library so close to our school. The team down in the library have donated a huge amount of high quality books last year to our own school library and I have just collected some more non fiction books to add to our shelves. Our teachers arrange block loans of books for their class to read for specific theme e.g 'The vikings' etc.
We often have our infants classes visit our library and we look forward to many more visits this school year. 
We always encourage our children to join the library. It is such a wonderful resource in our community and it is free :)
22nd Sep 2023
Over the last few weeks, we have been learning lots about the Rugby World Cup!

We had great fun learning and performing “An Haka Gaelach” during Gaeilge.

For Geography, we were put into small groups and randomly selected one of the 20 countries participating in the World Cup!  On Friday, we then presented our projects on the countries.
19th Sep 2023
In First Class, we learned about mixing colours.

We mixed our eye colours with our favourite colours and found our own personal colour.

They are hanging up in the classroom for everyone to see!
19th Sep 2023

We are gathering feedback for our school Deis Literacy evaluation. Please click on the link below and fill in this form by Friday. It will just take a few minutes of your time.

15th Sep 2023
15th Sep 2023
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14th Sep 2023
Junior infants have settled in well and had a great first full week in school! They have been working hard and doing very well with their new routines in the classroom. 

The children have also been spending time getting to know their classmates and last Thursday we visited our local library in Richmond Barracks. The visit was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children also received a little bag of books to take home.
13th Sep 2023

In Fifth Class, we learned all about the Colour Wheel.

We learned about Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colours.

Take a look at our incredible eyes we made from the Colour Wheel!

12th Sep 2023

In Fifth Class, we learned all about the Colour Wheel.

We learned about Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colours.

Take a look at our incredible eyes we made from the Colour Wheel!

1st Sep 2023

A big welcome to all our new Junior Infants who started school this week. We are very excited to have such a lovely bunch join our school and we know we’re going to have lots of fun learning together this year!

Below are a few pictures of the fun and games that have been happening in Ms. O' Donnells class this week. 😊

23rd Aug 2023
Junior Infants : Sarah O'Donnell & Kate Hegarty
Senior Infants :Megan Shannon
1st Class : Gavin Moriarty
2nd classes :Caoimhe Dowling and Caoimhe Quinn
3rd:Seán Gallagher
4th : Seth Weir and Christina Dennehy
5th class : Alison Turner 
6th class : Paddy Dillon 
18th Aug 2023
School office will be open from 10-1 from Monday 21st for the purchase of school tracksuits. 
29th Jun 2023

1st Class had great fun trying out different activities for Sports Day last week! Everyone was very enthusiastic and there was some excellent team work taking place. Well done everyone!

26th Jun 2023

We have had some great fun and delicious treats outside in the sunshine since the beginning of June! Here is a little insight into the extra activities Junior Infants have been doing.

23rd Jun 2023

Liz from creativity has been visiting Junior Infants for the past number of weeks to do art with the class. Everyone has enjoyed the process of exploring their creative side using a range of materials. Here are some photos of the art made today using burger boxes, card, oil pastels, wool and some great imaginations!

20th Jun 2023

Our Junior Infant class wanted to say a big thank you to Inchicore library for allowing us to visit numerous times during the year. On our most recent visit, Bríd was so kind to us all and read two stories for us. We even got a chance to explore the garden in the back of the library and have a little treat in the sun!

15th Jun 2023

We went to Inchicore playground for our school tour. Junior Infants had lots of fun playing in the sun, we had a picnic on the grass and finished the day with some ice-cream back in school. A great day was had by all!

14th Jun 2023

Senior Infants and the two First Classes had so much fun on our school tour today! We went to Newbridge Farm and saw lots of different animals, had a picnic in the sun and ended the day in the playground. As you can see we had a lot of smiley happy faces! A great enjoyable day was had by us all 😁

12th Jun 2023

When we arrived into school this morning, we discovered four more butterflies had hatched over the weekend!

We were so delighted that Snowball had some friends- we named them Holly, Callum, Hazel and Emmie.

Today, we released them in the yard with Tony's lovely flowers to make sure they could get some nectar if they were hungry!

They also said "Hello" to everyone in our class!

12th Jun 2023

We have been working so hard this last term in Senior Infants! We have been learning all about the life cycle of plants and flowers and have been very enthusiastic in our learning. We created fantastic oil pastel art pieces and as you can see we have fantastic artists in our class!

Over the last few weeks we have been working so hard on writing acrostic poems, and this week we decided to write a poem all about flowers to go with our SESE theme! We are all amazing authors and illustrators!

9th Jun 2023

We were all very excited in Room 1 today when our first Butterfly emerged from their cocoon! Today we put in some apple slices for the Butterflies to enjoy once they have hatched.

We have named the first Butterfly Snowball!

Take a look at Snowball down below!

28th May 2023

There were great celebrations last month in Ms. Peters class. Ezra and Dylan has such a lovely day celebrating the sacrament of communion and they celebrated with their teachers and classmates on the Monday after. 

26th May 2023

It has been fascinating watching our Caterpillars transform! We cannot believe how big they got! This week, they have started to make their cocoons.

We also made some lovely artwork of Symmetrical Butterflies using Black Paint and Pastels.

25th May 2023

We had a brilliant week celebrating the Irish culture in Senior Infants for Seachtain na Gaeilge.

We had the pleasure of learning Sean-Nós dancing from Tommy with all the children participating and having fun.

Bhain na daltaí an-taitneamh as an seachtain!

25th May 2023

Senior Infants really enjoyed Literacy Week as we had lots of fun activities planned.

We invited parents in to read a range of books with the class, and this sparked great excitement as the children got to show their parents all the fantastic work they have been doing.

We also got to go visit the local library in Richmond Barrack's where Helen read lots of wonderful stories to the children.

We ended the week by writing our very own class story "Adventures of Getting to School" and we had very enthusiastic authors and illustrators producing brilliant work!

25th May 2023

We had lots of fun in the lead up to Christmas in Senior Infants! We invited the parents in for a Christmas crafts morning, helping the children to make decorations and cards. We also got invited down to St Patricks Athletic FC to visit Santa! We had a fantastic time in the party dome and then got to visit the man himself...Santa!

It was a fun packed month and everyone in Senior Infants had an brilliant time! 

25th May 2023

The month of October was a busy and fun packed month for Senior Infants!

At the beginning of October we were invited over to Inchicore library to watch a performance called 'Bake' by Paul Curley. We had lots of fun watching and participating in the show!

We had so much fun in the lead up to Halloween making slime potions in Aistear and designing and decorating halloween decorations and art pieces. We participated in the school Halloween walk and we all dressed up in fantastic costumes and ended our 1st term having our spooky halloween party!

23rd May 2023

This year parents will not have to pay for school books and copies thanks to the Government Free Book scheme. There will still be a small charge to pay for other costs but this is to be confirmed at a later date.


23rd May 2023

Our second class made their First Holy Communion in St. Michaels church on Saturday. It was a wonderful celebration and the children looked so lovely and made all of us very proud. 

11th May 2023

Over the last few weeks, we have been working so hard on writing short stories which we put together to publish our very own class book! Our book is called "A Collection of Stories by First Class." We are all amazing authors and illustrators in Room 1!

This week is also very exciting for us as we are learning all about the life cycle of a butterfly. Today our caterpillars arrived! We cannot wait to watch them transform into beautiful painted lady butterflies. There are four stages in the life cycle which are;

1.Eggs- Butterflies lay their eggs on a leaf or a stem of a plant.

2.Caterpillars- Caterpillars hatch from their egg and they are very hungry! Their main job is to eat lots of plants and leaves. This reminded us of one of our favourite stories "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle.

3.Chrysalis- When a caterpillar is full, they make a cocoon for themselves using their silk.

4.Butterflies- Caterpillar transforms while in the chrysalis and turns into a beautiful butterfly.


21st Apr 2023

Our pupils from the Muslim Community celebrated Eid Al-Fitr yesterday. Our SNA Ruwaida prepared some treats for them to enjoy. We hope they enjoy the celebrations at this special time for their community.


21st Apr 2023

We have had a wonderful exhibition of our children's art work in our school this week.

Each child in our school has a piece of their art framed on on display. We had visitors from the community invited to see them yesterday and all parents and pupils are visiting the exhibition also.

It is fantastic to see such an amazing display of talent.


18th Apr 2023

We are having a special information session in our school on 24th April about the increasing waiting times for children to be assessed or screened for assessment. 

It's really important to attend if this matter affects you. 

6th Apr 2023

For Inchicore Children’s Broadcasting’s first broadcast we decided to focus on making shared news programmes as well as films that showed what life in each school was like. 6th class in both schools worked on "The News" and 5th class in each school worked on their own “Life in Our School,” film. Each class brainstormed ideas that were interesting and relevant to all the pupils and that showed things from their perspectice. We also included a film pupils in 4th Class in Our Lady of Lourdes made as part of BLAST with Helen and some clips from the Talent Show in Inchicore National School. 

Here are some photos from the process and our very first broadcast - enjoy and thanks for watching! 


6th Apr 2023

In January the broadcasting committee met again to share feedback they had collected from their classes. The pupils took the feedback and ideas and turned them into a video to officially launch the I.C.B. 

Here’s the video - enjoy! 


24th Mar 2023

   Today some of the children in our school celebrated Ramadan with our SNA Ruwaida. Ramadan is the most cherished day for the Muslim Community

Ramadan is the ninth month on the Islamic calendar, which marks important holidays and events for Muslims (people who practice Islam). During Ramadan people fast, or refrain from eating and drinking, while it's light outside. 

21st Mar 2023

I.C.B stands for Inchicore Children’s Broadcasting. We are a group of children from 3rd to 6th class in Inchicore National School and Our Lady of Lourdes National school who have teamed up to create our own Children’s Broadcasting Station. We will be making and sharing programmes with each other and our community for the next year. Our aims are to share news and events, get to know each other and our community better, change the world and most importantly, have fun.

Here’s a video we made to tell everyone about I.C.B 

WATCH --> I.C.B Launch Video 


Inchicore Children's Broadcasting is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and facilitated by Helen Flanagan. 

21st Mar 2023

Spring is all about new life and new beginnings.

The children in 1st Class began exploring signs of Spring and the beautiful flowers that begin to bloom this time of year.

We have planted our very own plants to take care of over the coming weeks. The children enjoyed learning about the process of planting and are eager to see them sprout!

21st Mar 2023

Both First Classes have been extremely busy making fantastic creations with artist Liz from Creativity in the Classroom.

First, the children created their very own stop-motion videos where they had to design and make their very own creatures and backgrounds for their stop-motion videos.

Then the children made relief prints out of foam and old mouse pads and ink.

Take a look below at the wonderful creations!


16th Mar 2023

Dia daoibh, 

Junior Infants had a great week celebrating and learning about Gaeilge. We learned some Sean-Nós dancing from Tommy on Tuesday and on Wednesday Ms. O'Shea and Ms. Dowling took the class to the hall for hurling lessons. On Friday we performed the song that we had been practicing all week during our ceoilchoirm. Bhain na daltaí an-taitneamh as an seachtain!

16th Mar 2023

We had the loveliest ending to a brilliant week celebrating the Irish culture.

We had Sean nós dancing and hurling during the week and it ended with a celebration of Irish language with our Ceolchoirm. 

The children have been speaking so much irish all week and it's wonderful to hear.

We hope everyone enjoys St Patricks Day 🍀

11th Mar 2023

Dia daoibh (dee-a-ye-v)

This week we celebrate all things Irish. We are highlighting the importance of speaking our Native language, we will be participating in old style Irish dancing (Sean nós). Some of our teachers play Camogie, and they will give us all an introduction into the game of Hurling.

On Thursday we will have a celebration of Ireland by dressing in Green and performing in a small concert, one for Juniors and one for senior classes. Keep an eye on class pages to see some video clips of their performances. 

10th Mar 2023
28th Feb 2023

December was a jam packed month. We spent a good bit of time on our Christmas Door for the door competition. The class loved making our Gingerbread House. We practiced Christmas carols. The kids also baked and decorated gingerbread men which they enjoyed eating. 

28th Feb 2023

We had a fun November in 5th class. We done football with Dave for a few weeks. The class made lovely Snowmen at night for art. The kids also contributed money to make up two shoe boxes for the Shoe box appeal organised by Ms.Cusack. We began work on our Christmas Door for the Christmas Door competition. 

28th Feb 2023

We had a very busy October in 5th class. We went rock climbing at the Dublin rock climbing centre. The class loved it and are eager for another trip there. 6th class organised a maths quiz for maths week which the class enjoyed taking part in. We also done a fun experiment in science where we looked a magnetism. We created ghosts and used magnets to make them float in the air. We also created Halloween characters in art using old lollipop sticks. To end the month and celebrate Halloween we got dressed up and went on our annual Halloween walk. 

28th Feb 2023

We spent a while getting use to being one big class. We played ice breaker games to get to know each other better. We learnt about volcanoes in Geography. We built volcanoes in art. In science we learnt about the reaction between an alkaline (baking soda) and an acid (vinegar). We used our volcanoes to test this reaction which created a volcanic eruption. We performed the experiment in front of the school in assembly. 

28th Feb 2023

We spent a while getting use to being one big class. We played ice-breaker games to get to know each other better. We learned about Volcanoes and built our own. In science we looked at the reaction between an alkaline (baking soda) and an acid (vinegar). We used this reaction to create volcanic explosions.  

24th Feb 2023
24th Feb 2023
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20th Feb 2023

We had a great day on the 10th of February where we celebrated Love Bomb Day. Some children dressed in red or pink. 

We had a visit from the ice cream man much to the delight of all our pupils. 


17th Feb 2023

Junior Infants were exploring the theme of the shop and café this month in Aistear. Children became both shoppers and cashiers in the role play station. In the Lego station, children designed and constructed their own shops and the doll houses provided great entertainment for small world play.

10th Feb 2023

We finished up our Love Bomb week in school with a school visit from the ice-cream van! Children wore pink and red to spread awareness of our love bomb week and enjoyed their yummy treat on yard. 

1st Feb 2023

We had 2 teams participate in the Credit Union quiz this year. A 6th class team and mixed 5th and 6th. All the schools in Ballyfermot and Inchicore areas took part. 

Our 6th class team, Aleksander, Julian, Michael and Levi, came in 3rd place. This was a fantastic result and the best result we have had in a long time. We'll done to all🎉

1st Feb 2023

We had a lovely morning celebrating Grandparents day last Friday as part of Catholic School’s week. It was lovely to have so many grandparents come in. 

28th Jan 2023

We had a fantastic Literacy Week . We had great participation from all class levels. 

Some classes did lovely displays on their doors, some did Readers Theatre in their classrooms. 2nd class did a brilliant version of Goldilocks and performed at Assembly. Our infants classes and 1st went to Inchicore Library to listen to Story telling from Bríd and Helene. 2nd-6th did a "Book tasting" in our school library with Ms. Merry. Children across the school are working really hard to maintain a good standard of has been a busy few weeks but it has been fantastic to see the childrens enthusiasm for Storytelling and reading.


26th Jan 2023

Junior Infants had a great time participating in Literacy week last week. 

On Tuesday we had a reading morning where parents were invited in to read a range of books with their children. 

We visited the library in Richmond Barrack's and got some great stories read to us by Helen. The children even got a chance to look at all the books they could rent from the library afterwards. 

We also had lots of fun designed our class door inspired by our book of the week 'The Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister just look at how it turned out!

24th Jan 2023

Last week third class participated in literacy week by reading a number of different stories. We read the story of Jerome the word collector and decorated our door using lots of different tricky words. The children used words they had learned throughout the year. We also performed a readers theatre for eachother and each child took on a role within the story "The Chocolate Touch". There was much excitement and enjoyment throughout the week. 

23rd Jan 2023

Mr Weir's 3rd class won the Christmas door competition and really enjoyed their prize which was a trip to the cinema to watch the Polar Express.

20th Jan 2023

1st Class had great fun this week during Literacy Week.

We created our own stories and read them aloud for the class. The stories were very creative and full of adventure! 

On Tuesday, we headed over to the library in Richmond Barrack's where Helen read some books to the children. Everyone was very excited - and the children even got to borrow their own book to read at school. 

We also created a door display based on the story 'Handa's Surprise'. The children worked very hard at this and it turned out amazing! 

17th Jan 2023

We are having a super start to Literacy Week!

Last week, we were inspired by the cover of Mo Williems’ book “Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the bus!” We decided to decorate our classroom door like the cover for Literacy Week. We used our handprints to create our very own pigeons! 

On Monday, we designed a book cover for an art competition and we drew ourselves reading our favourite types of book.

On Tuesday, we went over to the library in Richmond Barracks and we had a fantastic time! We listened to some fantastic stories and then we got to have a look around the library.

We cannot wait to see what else is in store for the rest of Literacy Week!

15th Jan 2023

We are having our annual Literacy week this week and the focus is on Storytelling. Children will listen to stories in their classes and learn the important skill of Retelling.

Our infant and 1st classes will visit the library for story time and parents are invited in for a Shared Reading morning with their children on Tuesday.

Some classes are decorating their doors and are picking a book or story as a theme. 

Other classes are doing Readers Theatre or short dramas to tell stories, some of whom will perform at assembly or with their buddy class.

A selection of  children are being recorded telling a story. This could be a retelling of a story they know, a story about something that happened to them etc. 

There will be a "Book Tasting" in our school library on Thursday. There will be a wide variety of book genres on display. The children will have an opportunity to explore the different books, making notes as they go along. We hope that they will discover new authors or genre that will interest them and get them excited to read. 

So if you get a chance, share a story with our students, any type of story,one that you remember from your childhood, one that makes you laugh, or read one from a book. It doesn't matter the story or the language because you are passing them the art of story telling. Don't forget to ask them to tell you a story 😊



9th Jan 2023

Happy New Year!

We are off to a great start in Room 1 for 2023! We had a great catch up with all our friends and we are delighted to be back.

Our new topic in Maths is Capacity. We read Goldilocks and the Three Bears and we were set the challenge of figuring out which bowl- Daddy Bear, Mammy Bear or Baby Bear’s bowl could hold the most water. We had great fun!

For Art, we created collage hearts using cut up sweet wrappers.

4th Jan 2023

We wish all of our school community a very Happy New Year. 

4th Jan 2023

If you're child is showing any symptoms of respiratory illness please keep them at home. 

21st Dec 2022

The month of December was jam packed with lots of fun activities in 1st Class!

We had our parents join us for an arts and crafts morning in which the children and their parents made some lovely Winter snowmen. We even made matching hats and scarves for our snowmen to keep them warm during Winter.

We also got to visit Santa's Grotto and sing a lovely song for Santa - the children had such good fun!

On our last day before the Christmas holidays, we finished up with a movie and some hot chocolate. There was smiles all round!


20th Dec 2022

3rd class really enjoyed making models linked to.story settings.

19th Dec 2022

We had a fantastic time playing in Aistear this month!

Elves were busy making toys down in Santa's Workshop while builders outside planned and built extensions to the North Pole. 

Inside in the classroom hands were getting very messy in our new messy station where we made our own Christmas decorations and even festive scented playdough! 

Lastly, it was all hands on deck in our junk art station as children wrapped presents, designed labels and made cards for everyone they know!

15th Dec 2022

There was great excitement in Junior Infants when we discovered that Santa was coming for a visit! Everyone had a great time talking to Santa about their Christmas wishes and couldn't wait to unwrap their presents to see what they got! 

15th Dec 2022

We’ve had lots of fun in First Class this week!

On Wednesday morning, we had our Parents come into our class to help make tree decorations! Thank you to all the Parents who came in! We had a fantastic time!

On Thursday, we also visited Santa! We sang Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer with Santa.

We wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


15th Dec 2022

Sants is visiting our school today and children from the local pre schools are coming in to visit him. 🎅🏻

8th Dec 2022

Please be mindful if your child has a sore throat and a temperature. If so ease contact your doctor immediately. 

2nd Dec 2022

There is a great buzz around the school this week as teachers and children get their classroom doors ready for a competition. 

We are decorating our doors and it will be judged by Ms. Hanly Tony and an independent adjudicator from Brokke and Delap.

May the best door win 😁

30th Nov 2022

Many thanks to all those that supported our Book Fair. It was fantastic to see all the children so interested in looking at and reading books whether it was the books from Book Fair, our second hand books or our selection of free books.

We receive a return of 60% of earnings from the book fair and as a result we have over €450 in credit to buy books for our school. 

24th Nov 2022

3rd Class enjoyed making calibrated containers when we were investigating capacity.

21st Nov 2022

Parent Teacher Meetings take place next Tuesday and Wednesday. Teachers will be in touch with you regarding an appointment that suits you both. Thank you.

18th Nov 2022

We have been learning about colours in Gaeilge. Listen to our poem “Bogha Baistí” which means Rainbow as Gaeilge.

5th Nov 2022

3rd Class worked really well studying electricity and circuits. We also made amazing lighthouses as part of our learning.

28th Oct 2022

Junior Infants became doctors and patients this month in Aistear. The Witches also broke into our Home corner and transformed it into a Witches Kitchen with lots of ingredients for us to make spooky potions

24th Oct 2022

Last week was Maths week! We did lots of wonderful activities such as measuring each other with cubes and cuisenaire rods. We were able to compare who was the tallest in each of our groups!

We were extremely lucky that some of the boys and girls from 4th and 5th class came to join us for Maths for Fun! We had lots of fun!

21st Oct 2022
  1. Third classes went to IMMA today for an art workshop. ­
18th Oct 2022

I'm very sorry to say that Fr Louis has died. He was a marvelous person and a great friend to our school.  Louis had a great sense of social justice and cared so much about the issues and people in our community. He combined all of that with a great sense of fun. We will miss his presence in school. May his gentle soul rest in peace. 

17th Oct 2022

A huge thank you to the Student Council who ran a very successful Cake Sale on Friday to raise funds for our Sunflower Room. Thank you to everyone who donated cakes and funds 🙂.

17th Oct 2022

Congratulations to Ms Higgins, Mr Weir, Ms O' Keeffe and Ms Cassidy on joining our ain School Management Team. Mr Gallagher will be joining also. 

The In-school Management Team is as follows : Deputy Principal; Ms Sarah Cusack, Assistant Principal 1; Ms Siobhan Merry, and Assistant Principals 2 ; Ms Higgins, Mr Weir , Ms Cassidy ( Acting; Mr Gallagher) and Ms O'Keeffe. 



11th Oct 2022

Procedural Writing

In First Class, our writing focus for October is Procedural Writing.

Procedural writing is a set of steps that explains to the reader how to do something e.g. recipes or instructions for a game.

Last Friday in the Sunflower Room, we had lots of fun making our very own play dough!

On Monday, we were then able to write our very own recipe for play-dough. Take a look below at the recipe and try it yourself!

How to Make Play Dough

What you will need;

  • 8 tablespoons of flour
  • 2 tablespoons of salt
  • 60ml of warm water
  • paint or food colouring
  • 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
  • 2 bowls
  • Spoon/ Spatula
  • Cling film


  1. In one bowl, mix the flour and salt together.
  2. In a separate bowl, mix together the wet ingredients (water, oil and food colouring)
  3. Pour the wet mixture into the dry mixture.
  4. Mix together using a spoon.
  5. Sprinkle a little bit of flour on the table and roll out the dough.
  6. Knead the dough for few minutes.
  7. If your dough is too wet add some more flour or too dry add more water!
  8. Wrap in cling film and chill in the fridge.
11th Oct 2022

We have been doing great work in Senior Infants learning all about Autumn. We had great fun becoming artists, painting our lovely Autumn trees and we also enjoyed becoming musicians and performing our song 'Autumn Colours.'

10th Oct 2022

In September we visited Kilmainham Gaol. The class really enjoyed finding out about Irish history.

9th Oct 2022

The children in 1st Class have been working so hard to create their hedgehog poster and clay hedgehogs. They worked together to research all about hedgehogs including what they eat, where they live, how to keep them safe and even some interesting facts. The children then gave a special performance at assembly where they presented their project and sang a song about hedgehogs. 1st Class are now experts in anything to do with these little creatures!

7th Oct 2022

There are still some places available for our Breakfast Club. Contact Miss Hanly if interested. 

7th Oct 2022

Our Halloween Walk and Raffle take place on Thursday October 27th at 9.30. we are fundraising for Sensory Equipment so all donations gratefully accepted. ❤️

7th Oct 2022

Our next Board of Management Meeting is next Wednesday the 12th of October at 7pm.

7th Oct 2022

Our Child Protection Safety Statement and Risk Assessment will be reviewed at next Wednesdays Board Meeting. A draft copy is available on our Website. 

4th Oct 2022

Teddy Bear Day is celebrated on 9th September every year. This year in Base Class we had a teddy bear picnic on Friday 30th September. The children loved the idea and had a great day. They brought their favourite teddy bear from home and had so much fun with all the class. There were lots of hugs, laughter and giggling going on in the class and children seemed to have a wonderful day at school. 



1st Oct 2022

Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal is taking place this year. In First Class, we are collecting items to fill a shoebox for a Girl aged 5-9 years. Please find below some ideas of things you might fill the Team Hope Christmas Shoebox with. We would be really grateful if you could donate. Thank you in advance!

30th Sep 2022

During art this week we constructed Volcanoes. Today for Science we conducted an experiment to see the chemical reaction when an acid (vinegar)  and alkali (bicarbonate of soda) mix. The kids had so much fun witnessing the volcanic eruptions. 

29th Sep 2022

Mr Gallagher’s 6th class were brought on a lovely hike up to hellfire club by Garda Mark. The weather was great and views amazing on top. 

29th Sep 2022

Some bamboo planting at Gardening Club today . 

29th Sep 2022

This month we have been having loads of fun in senior infants learning all about school and home. We have been getting into role as teachers, principals, buliders building schools with our blocks and also stepping into the role of mam and dad in the home corner, minding the babies and cooking the food. We became artists with Ms. Mulvany in our art station and designed and painted pencils. We have also been working hard at completing jigsaw puzzles! 


27th Sep 2022

Fifth class have had a great first month back at school. We spent the first few days getting used to being one big class by playing ice breaker games. The boys and girls are enjoying dance classes with Kyra every week as you can see from the photo attached. We also started swimming last week and are enjoying that too. The class will go rock climbing this Friday and everyone is very excited for it. This month we studied The Romans, as well as Pompeii and Volcanoes. This week we will attempt to build our own volcanoes (Photos to follow) and we will conduct an experiment later in the week by creating a volcanic eruption. 

Mr Gallagher 

27th Sep 2022

This month we have been exploring the themes of home and school during Aistear play. We had great fun playing with all the toys at the different stations: Home station, school station, small world and construction station.

27th Sep 2022

Our Road Safety Awareness Beep Beep Walk is this morning for Junior Infants to 1st Classes. You are all welcome to join us. We leave school at 10am. Thanks in advance to our friends in An Garda Síochana who will accompany us. 🙂


We had a lovely walk this morning down to Inchicore with our Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st classes. Our local pre schools also joined us which was lovely. Garda Mark arrived on his bicycle and guided us across the road safely. The children wore their safety vests from the RSA and they know to wear them walking to school and elsewhere in the darker mornings and evenings.


26th Sep 2022

6th class had a great trip to Dublin Rock climbing centre in Tallaght. 

22nd Sep 2022

Last week some of our fourth and fifth class children took part in Restorative Practice training with Michelle Stowe from ConnectRP  to become Friendship Keeper Buddies for the younger children. They learned how to teach games, facilitate circles and solve arguments.

They put their new skills to use with our first class children, teaching them about fairness and respect while having lots of fun!! 

14th Sep 2022

Our Board of Management will be reviewing our Child Safe Guarding Statement and Risk Assessment at our next Board Meeting on September 26th. This will then be available on our website. 

10th Sep 2022

Welcome back Everyone!

We have had a fantastic start to First Class.

This week we had dancing with Kyra and we were painting our autumn prints.