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Our Lady of Lourdes National School, Inchicore, Dublin

News - 1st class :Mr Moriarty

1st May 2024
We made beautiful blow paint colour monsters in art in First Class. Don't they look fantastic!
14th Jan 2024

We are learning all about Antarctica in 1st Class this January. So far we have learned many facts about where Antarctica is located and about emperor penguins. Here are some photos and videos of our art, the class practicing their emperor penguin huddle and their emperor penguin waddle, and the class doing the funky penguin dance.

15th Dec 2023
This is our Christmas Door for the Christmas Door Competition 2023. A cosy fireplace with Santa's Good List and Santa's Naughty List! We made a wreath out of our handprints, we decorated stockings and frames for our photos, and we made paper snowflakes. We even left a treat out for Santa and Rudolph!
12th Oct 2023
First Class filled their classroom marble jar and earned a pyjama party as a reward!

We had lots of fun and watched Lilo ad Stitch with some treats!
19th Sep 2023
In First Class, we learned about mixing colours.

We mixed our eye colours with our favourite colours and found our own personal colour.

They are hanging up in the classroom for everyone to see!