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News - STEAM

7th Oct 2022

Our Child Protection Safety Statement and Risk Assessment will be reviewed at next Wednesdays Board Meeting. A draft copy is available on our Website. 

30th Aug 2022

We all have days when things don't go well in the morning. If your day hasn't gotten off to a good start, please remember to text  "Handle With Care" to the teacher or Miss Hanly. 

23rd Mar 2021

Strand: Materials

Strand Unit: Materials and Change

Scientific skills: observation and inference

Our focus in science over the last few weeks has been on our skills of observation and inference. We have been examining photographs of everyday items under a microscope, making observations about them and then using these observations as clues to make inferences about the photographs. We also linked this to the very important issue of hand-washing. To investigate how important it is to wash our hands properly we got 3 slices of bread. After lunch one day we all passed the first slice of bread around. We then quickly rinsed our hands with water (no soap) and passed another slice of bread around. And finally, after using the proper hand-washing technique we passed the third slice of bread around.

After a few days we made observations about the changes that had occurred to each slice of bread:

Observations: there were patches of blue on each slice, much more on the slices that were held without washing our hands properly.

Inferences: We inferred that the blue-mould on some of the bread was greater because there were more germs on our hands that weren’t washed properly. We also inferred that soap is very powerful in hygiene practices.

This was an interesting experiment and really showed us the effects of good hand-washing techniques!

18th Mar 2021

Investigation: How can a seat-belt save a life?

Strand: Energy and Forces

Strand Unit: Forces

5th Class investigated inertia and the importance of wearing seat belts in cars. To test and prove this we made ‘Eggmobiles’ and playdough dummies. To make sure it was a fair test the ‘Eggmobiles’ were all the same size and the dummies were the same weight. The variable that we changed was the seat belt worn. The eggmobile was ‘driven’ into a wall and the results were recorded. We tested it three times; no seat belt, one seat belt and finally a seat belt on one of the dummies. Our predictions were accurate. When the dummies had a seat belt on they were protected while the other dummies were ‘injured’.

10th Mar 2021

Strand: Materials     Strand Unit: Materials and Change

We had to differentiate between wet and dry. We then discussed what the word waterproof meant. In groups, we were given a variety of materials e.g. tinfoil, cardboard and we had to predict which of the materials were waterproof before we started our investigation. We had lots of fun testing each one!

9th Mar 2021

Challenge: Design and build Santa’s Sleigh

Strand: Design and Make

We were given the task to design and make a sleigh for Santa that would carry toys. The criteria was that our sleigh had to include a seat for Santa and the base of the sleigh must be propped up on sleigh rails. First we examined the materials that each group had to work with. We planned and sketched our design and then built our sleighs. We tested each design. The most successful sleigh was the strongest one that could carry the most ‘toys’ (weights).

16th Oct 2019

Maths Strand: Measures     Maths Unit: Length

2nd Class completed a two-part science investigation. First, we measured and recorded the length of everyone’s feet. Then we investigated if your arm span is the same as your height. We discovered that height and arm span are usually around the same length!

12th Jun 2019

5th Class participated in Junior Achievement earlier in the year and as part of this programme we were very lucky to get the chance to do a coding workshop with a group from Microsoft Dreamspace. We used Makecode Arcade and all of us designed a game. We had to follow the steps and instructions carefully to ensure our block code worked well and our game was designed properly. At the end we got the chance to play each other’s games. Here is a selection of pictures of the games and codes that we created.

3rd Apr 2019


The 5th class was invited by Junior Achievement to ‘The Dock’.The Dock is a design-led multi-disciplinary research and development hub. Designers, engineers, developers, and experts in artificial intelligence, security, mixed reality and Internet of things all work here to investigate, imagine and bring new ideas to life. It is a really cool modern building and has a fantastic view of DublinHere we met Dr. Norah Patten. She is from County Mayo and is an aeronautical engineer. She studied this in Limerick. Her ambition since she was a child was to go to space. She showed us pictures and told us stories of when she was a child and how she was obsessed with all things to do with space. She is following her dream and aims to be Ireland’s first astronaut. She was one of 12 participants from around the world selected to take part in a unique scientist-astronaut training programme in Florida. We were also incredibly lucky to meet the deputy state pathologist, Dr. Linda Mulligan. She was very interesting also. She studied Histology in university and She visits crime scenes to try and figure how people have died by examining their body parts in great detail. She brought us in parts of a 200-year-old skeleton which was really freaky but cool too.

27th Mar 2019

 Strand: Energy   Strand Unit :Forces Investigating Ramps

Maths Strand: Measures, Number  Strand Unit: Data, Length

Using Maths in fair testing

Using maths in investigation of whether shoe size and height are linked. 3rd class pupils designed own test.

3rd class using charts to record findings#