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Our Lady of Lourdes National School, Inchicore, Dublin


18th Apr 2023

We are having a special information session in our school on 24th April about the increasing waiting times for children to be assessed or screened for assessment. 

It's really important to attend if this matter affects you. 

6th Apr 2023

For Inchicore Children’s Broadcasting’s first broadcast we decided to focus on making shared news programmes as well as films that showed what life in each school was like. 6th class in both schools worked on "The News" and 5th class in each school worked on their own “Life in Our School,” film. Each class brainstormed ideas that were interesting and relevant to all the pupils and that showed things from their perspectice. We also included a film pupils in 4th Class in Our Lady of Lourdes made as part of BLAST with Helen and some clips from the Talent Show in Inchicore National School. 

Here are some photos from the process and our very first broadcast - enjoy and thanks for watching! 


6th Apr 2023

In January the broadcasting committee met again to share feedback they had collected from their classes. The pupils took the feedback and ideas and turned them into a video to officially launch the I.C.B. 

Here’s the video - enjoy! 


24th Mar 2023

   Today some of the children in our school celebrated Ramadan with our SNA Ruwaida. Ramadan is the most cherished day for the Muslim Community

Ramadan is the ninth month on the Islamic calendar, which marks important holidays and events for Muslims (people who practice Islam). During Ramadan people fast, or refrain from eating and drinking, while it's light outside. 

21st Mar 2023

I.C.B stands for Inchicore Children’s Broadcasting. We are a group of children from 3rd to 6th class in Inchicore National School and Our Lady of Lourdes National school who have teamed up to create our own Children’s Broadcasting Station. We will be making and sharing programmes with each other and our community for the next year. Our aims are to share news and events, get to know each other and our community better, change the world and most importantly, have fun.

Here’s a video we made to tell everyone about I.C.B 

WATCH --> I.C.B Launch Video 


Inchicore Children's Broadcasting is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and facilitated by Helen Flanagan. 

21st Mar 2023

Spring is all about new life and new beginnings.

The children in 1st Class began exploring signs of Spring and the beautiful flowers that begin to bloom this time of year.

We have planted our very own plants to take care of over the coming weeks. The children enjoyed learning about the process of planting and are eager to see them sprout!

21st Mar 2023

Both First Classes have been extremely busy making fantastic creations with artist Liz from Creativity in the Classroom.

First, the children created their very own stop-motion videos where they had to design and make their very own creatures and backgrounds for their stop-motion videos.

Then the children made relief prints out of foam and old mouse pads and ink.

Take a look below at the wonderful creations!


16th Mar 2023

Dia daoibh, 

Junior Infants had a great week celebrating and learning about Gaeilge. We learned some Sean-Nós dancing from Tommy on Tuesday and on Wednesday Ms. O'Shea and Ms. Dowling took the class to the hall for hurling lessons. On Friday we performed the song that we had been practicing all week during our ceoilchoirm. Bhain na daltaí an-taitneamh as an seachtain!

16th Mar 2023

We had the loveliest ending to a brilliant week celebrating the Irish culture.

We had Sean nós dancing and hurling during the week and it ended with a celebration of Irish language with our Ceolchoirm. 

The children have been speaking so much irish all week and it's wonderful to hear.

We hope everyone enjoys St Patricks Day 🍀

11th Mar 2023

Dia daoibh (dee-a-ye-v)

This week we celebrate all things Irish. We are highlighting the importance of speaking our Native language, we will be participating in old style Irish dancing (Sean nós). Some of our teachers play Camogie, and they will give us all an introduction into the game of Hurling.

On Thursday we will have a celebration of Ireland by dressing in Green and performing in a small concert, one for Juniors and one for senior classes. Keep an eye on class pages to see some video clips of their performances.