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Our Lady of Lourdes National School, Inchicore, Dublin

News - 1st class :Mr Moriarty

4th Jul 2024

Here is our calendar for the next school year. 

27th Jun 2024
Today we celebrated Ms. Hanly. After 10 years of being our principal she is retiring. 
We are incredibly grateful for her kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness and support. 
She has always been so proud of the children in OLOL and told them so often. 

Today the children had a special thanksgiving assembly for Ms. Hanly. 
They sang songs, read poems and presented her with cards and a lovely memory book.
Just like our 6th class yesterday, what might seem like the end of something, is actually the start of something new.
We wish Ms. Hanly the very best of luck for the next chapter. 

Go n-éiri an bóthar leat. 
26th Jun 2024
6th class celebrated their graduation today. It was such a proud moment for our school and for the families of the children. The children sang songs, retold stories from the last 8 years. They had a wonderful display of the books they published during the year. There is such a high standard of work.
We watched a slideshow of pictures which shows just how far they have come since junior infants. We wish them all the very best for the next chapter. 
11th Jun 2024

Ms. O’ Donnell’s class went to Corcagh park in Clondlkin on their school trip. Roz, Lyndsey and Ms. O’ Donnell brough us on the bus and Garda Paul drove.

When we arrived, we walked through the park to the amazing playground. My favorite things were the big slides, the zip line and I also enjoyed the sand and the swings.

Next, we had lunch. We were all starving and it was delicious. We then went for a walk around the park. We were all tired so we stopped and had a few treats. My favorite was the mini donuts.

After the little rest, we returned to the playground and had another half an hour of play.

Finally, we went back to the car park to find the guard and the bus and we returned to school. We all had a great day and we agreed that we loved Corcagh park.

By Huner Ellis

6th Jun 2024
As part of our work with Helen and Inchicore Children's broadcasting, some of the children in 5th class made their own film last year. They also made a new one this year which I will upload soon .
The children even got to see their film in the cinema. 
6th Jun 2024

We were very lucky that Mr Moriarty entered a competition to win a gymnastics teacher to come into our school for a day recently.

Our children thoroughly enjoyed the activities as you can see from the photos below 

9th May 2024
9th May 2024
We made the most of the sunshine over the last few days after completing our standardised tests. 
We enjoyed a trip to our local park, a visit to the local shops to buy groceries to make a treat of jelly and ice cream and lots of other learning outdoors. 
1st May 2024
We made beautiful blow paint colour monsters in art in First Class. Don't they look fantastic!
17th Apr 2024
We use Aladdin connect for contacting and communicating mess to parents. It is essential that you sign up so you don't miss important notes from the school or class teacher. 
17th Apr 2024
22nd Mar 2024
The Easter bunny was very generous when he left an Easter egg for all of the Junior infants. The children had so much fun searching for their treats. 
Have a lovely Easter break all. 😊 
20th Mar 2024
Mr Weir's 4th class did Creativity in the Classroom. They worked with clay, weaving and produced doodle art. They loved it all.
19th Mar 2024
We had a wonderful week celebrating Irish culture. We spoke the language with pride, listened to Irish music and songs, danced a jig or two,and learned about some myths and legends. 
19th Mar 2024
Our 6th class are on News2day today to speak about the launch of their books they have published. The launch took place in Trinity college. 

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18th Mar 2024
4th Class visited the Science Blast in the RDS. They explained their project to the judges and saw two great shows. It was a great day out.
12th Mar 2024

We had a lovely final session of creativity in junior infants. Some parents joined us for this session and worked with the children to create some lovely clay structures. The session was thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

11th Mar 2024
We wish all our families who follow the Islamic faith  a blessed Ramadan filled with peace, prosperity and happiness. 
11th Mar 2024
We wish all our families who follow the Islamic faith, a blessed Ramadan filled with peace, prosperity, and happiness. 
10th Mar 2024
We will be celebrating Irish culture in our school this week. We are speaking Gaeilge all around the school, learning about Irish music and traditions myths and legends. 
We will have a little concert on Lá Glás.
6th Mar 2024

We have a wonderful display of Art around our school at the moment. Our pupils are so talented. 

6th Mar 2024
We have a wonderful display of Art around our school. Our children are so creative and talented. 
6th Mar 2024

Our 6th class are very lucky to be part of the Bookmarks Programme which is a collaboration between Trinity Access, the Library of Trinity College, and the School of English in Trinity College. The programme sees primary school children from their partner primary schools in Dublin write and illustrate their own books over a period of two months. This is facilitated through the support and guidance of authors, artists and children's literature specialists. The programme culminates with the publication of these books in an exhibition in the Old Library of Trinity College. The project aims to inspire children to become the next generation of storytellers and artists - in short, to tell their own stories and imagine the future. 

29th Feb 2024
Thank you so much to the Junior infant parents who joined us for our final Creativity in the classroom session with our amazing artist Liz. The children were delighted to show of the skills that they have developed over the last number of weeks with our art sessions. 
Look at some of the lovely clay creations from the final session. 
24th Feb 2024

We have a new library team in OLOL. This is a very important group in our school. We are one of the luckiest schools in Dublin to still have a school library. It is incredibly well stocked with books, fiction and non fiction.
As it is used so much we need a group to keep it organised.

22nd Feb 2024
We had a lovely Literacy week this year focusing on the Poetry Genre. 
Some of our classes visited the library, others read and wrote a lot of their own poetry. We had assembly celebrating our children's learning and there were some lovely performances. 
14th Feb 2024

Pupils from 5th Class are making a monster movie with Helen. Their film is inspired by genre films like Godzilla. The film includes props, costumes and different puppets made by the pupils with help from Helen and Tony the school caretaker. The story is about littering and the dangers of children drinking energy drinks. 

13th Feb 2024

Junior infants had an amazing first session of Creativity in the classroom with artist Liz. 

The children explored the charactistics of clay and developed their understanding of textures by using various objects to make marks and patterns in their piece of clay. 

3D shapes were also explore as the children learnt different skills to use in order to mould their clay into various shapes. 

What a wonderful start to their Creativity in the classroom sessions and looking forward to the next few weeks. 

26th Jan 2024
Some of our 4th 5th and 6th class pupils participed in the Ballyfermot and Inchicore credit union quiz.
All our pupils represented the school exceptionally well and our team with Lara, Ahmed, Zainab and Conor were victorious. 🎉 It has been a long time since we had a winning team. 
We are incredibly proud of them all. 
24th Jan 2024
We welcomed some grandparents in this morning and they got to see some of the wonderful work their grandchildren have completed in school this year. 
14th Jan 2024

We are learning all about Antarctica in 1st Class this January. So far we have learned many facts about where Antarctica is located and about emperor penguins. Here are some photos and videos of our art, the class practicing their emperor penguin huddle and their emperor penguin waddle, and the class doing the funky penguin dance.

20th Dec 2023
Our school are taking part in attendance Drive to improve our school attendance in January. 
19th Dec 2023

Pupils from the I.C.B committee worked with Helen and Radio Maker Frank Phelan to plan and record two new radio shows for their new programme "Inchicore Eco-Squad" which is about all about the environment in Inchicore.

Pupils from Our Lady of Lourdes met Niamh from Bat Conservation Ireland to learn about Bats in the area, and they met with ecologist Dean to find out about wildlife and what an ecologist does. 

You can listen to all the episodes of Inchicore Eco-Squad Here:

17th Dec 2023

Ms. O'Shea and Ms. Dowling are officially All Ireland champions as their camogie team won in Croke Park today. We are so proud of them. Congratulations 🎊🎉
Here is a link to a crucial score Ms. O'Shea made. 

📸 Watch this video on Facebook
Ms. O'Shea's score

15th Dec 2023
This is our Christmas Door for the Christmas Door Competition 2023. A cosy fireplace with Santa's Good List and Santa's Naughty List! We made a wreath out of our handprints, we decorated stockings and frames for our photos, and we made paper snowflakes. We even left a treat out for Santa and Rudolph!
15th Dec 2023

Our yard has been a hive of activity for the last few days. Some children from 4th, 5th and 6th have started to make use of the natural materials around our yard to make dens. There has been some amazing teamwork as they problem solve their way through the construction. 

15th Dec 2023
Both 4th classes took part in an animation workshop. We had great fun. We look forward to sharing our edited animated movies in January.
15th Dec 2023

The winner of our annual Christmas doors competition took place today.
Ms. Dennehys 4th class claimed the prize winning a trip to the cinema. Our independent adjudicator was from Brock Delappe estate agents. Well done to all of the classes. Everyone put such hard work into it.
It really adds to the festive atmosphere around our school.

15th Dec 2023
We had great fun doing our Christmas door.
15th Dec 2023
We worked very hard together to create our Buff Reindeer Door!
14th Dec 2023
Best of luck to Ms. Dowling and Ms. O'shea who will be in the All Ireland camogie finals on Sunday. They represent their club, Dicksboro Co Kilkenny. They will be playing against a team from Galway in Croke Park. 
11th Dec 2023
We went and enjoyed a story writing workshop.
4th Dec 2023
We had great fun during Science Week! We completed our experiment “What lives on us?” We all contributed to make a fantastic poster that we used to present our experiment to the other classes in assembly.

We also created some Notan artwork. It is a Japanese paper cutting technique which focuses on light and dark. They are extremely effective! We used contrasting colours to make them stand out even more.
30th Nov 2023
We are so lucky to have this Christmas Fair on our doorstep.
Our Christmas Fair promises to be a fantastic event filled with delicious food, live music, and fun activities for the whole family. By sharing our event, you'll not only support our local community but also help make this event even more special.
27th Nov 2023

Liz is in every Tuesday to do creativity in the classroom with 3rd class. We have been working with clay for the last three weeks.

27th Nov 2023
Some of the outfits from 3rd Class
26th Nov 2023
There was great activity around the school for Stem week. Our maths eyes were activated and our engineering skills were put to the test.
We had a lovely assembly where each class presented an experiment or informed us of something they had learned during the week. Thank you to Mr Weir and Ms. Higgins for their organisation of the week. 
19th Oct 2023

As always Tony has outdone himself with our Halloween display. The children are so excited preparing for all the Halloween festivities.

Our Halloween walk and raffle takes place on Friday 27th. 🎃🦇👻🧙🏻🧛🧛‍♀️

12th Oct 2023
First Class filled their classroom marble jar and earned a pyjama party as a reward!

We had lots of fun and watched Lilo ad Stitch with some treats!
11th Oct 2023

We had a lovely trip to the Botanic Gardens on Tuesday with Liz from Creativity in the Classroom. We saw some of the wonderful sculptures that were on display! We even made some friends along the way!

We have also started to make some spooky Halloween art! We were inspired by Sugar Skulls. 

Take a look below to see what we’ve been up to!

24th Sep 2023
We are incredibly lucky to have such a supportive library so close to our school. The team down in the library have donated a huge amount of high quality books last year to our own school library and I have just collected some more non fiction books to add to our shelves. Our teachers arrange block loans of books for their class to read for specific theme e.g 'The vikings' etc.
We often have our infants classes visit our library and we look forward to many more visits this school year. 
We always encourage our children to join the library. It is such a wonderful resource in our community and it is free :)
22nd Sep 2023
Over the last few weeks, we have been learning lots about the Rugby World Cup!

We had great fun learning and performing “An Haka Gaelach” during Gaeilge.

For Geography, we were put into small groups and randomly selected one of the 20 countries participating in the World Cup!  On Friday, we then presented our projects on the countries.
19th Sep 2023
In First Class, we learned about mixing colours.

We mixed our eye colours with our favourite colours and found our own personal colour.

They are hanging up in the classroom for everyone to see!
19th Sep 2023

We are gathering feedback for our school Deis Literacy evaluation. Please click on the link below and fill in this form by Friday. It will just take a few minutes of your time.

15th Sep 2023
14th Sep 2023
Junior infants have settled in well and had a great first full week in school! They have been working hard and doing very well with their new routines in the classroom. 

The children have also been spending time getting to know their classmates and last Thursday we visited our local library in Richmond Barracks. The visit was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children also received a little bag of books to take home.
13th Sep 2023

In Fifth Class, we learned all about the Colour Wheel.

We learned about Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colours.

Take a look at our incredible eyes we made from the Colour Wheel!

12th Sep 2023

In Fifth Class, we learned all about the Colour Wheel.

We learned about Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colours.

Take a look at our incredible eyes we made from the Colour Wheel!

1st Sep 2023

A big welcome to all our new Junior Infants who started school this week. We are very excited to have such a lovely bunch join our school and we know we’re going to have lots of fun learning together this year!

Below are a few pictures of the fun and games that have been happening in Ms. O' Donnells class this week. 😊

23rd Aug 2023
Junior Infants : Sarah O'Donnell & Kate Hegarty
Senior Infants :Megan Shannon
1st Class : Gavin Moriarty
2nd classes :Caoimhe Dowling and Caoimhe Quinn
3rd:Seán Gallagher
4th : Seth Weir and Christina Dennehy
5th class : Alison Turner 
6th class : Paddy Dillon 
18th Aug 2023
School office will be open from 10-1 from Monday 21st for the purchase of school tracksuits.